Electrical Refurbishment in a Commercial Premise

Electrical Refurbishment in a Commercial Premise – Electrical Installation Technician Melbourne


The reliability and efficiency of electrical systems is significant for any business organisation. Quality of lighting, air conditioning, computer data cables and other electrical systems must be optimum not only for the comfort of employees but also for overall safety of the premise. A minor glitch in the electrical system can result in a major mishap for commercial facilities. In an environment where protection against corporate espionage, data theft, larceny and vandalism is critical, businesses also need advanced CCTV devices, fire alarms and access controlled systems. Timely replacement is essential if such electrical devices get redundant or damaged.


It is prudent to invest in electrical refurbishment when you want your business or industrial premise to be optimised by the best of technology driven systems. Carefully installed electrical infrastructure including communication and networking systems, does contribute to business productivity. For entrepreneurs who manage retail outlets, shops and supermarket stores investment in appropriate electrical systems is a factor that contributes to more footfalls. Escalators, CCTV surveillance systems, security alarms, cash registers and other electrically operated devices also need to function smoothly at such business facilities. Electrical refurbishment at the current premise or the refurbishment of electrical set ups at a new property after relocation gives business owners a chance to use up to date and safer systems.


Electrical refurbishment works typically encompass but are not limited to:


  • Reinstallation of power outlets
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Installation of general, emergency and exit lighting
  • Data cable works
  • Computer power and surge protection
  • Cabling of telephone systems
  • Signage works
  • Air conditioning works
  • Skirting Ducts and Power Channels (Floor and Wall Installation)
  • Power Skirting
  • Under-carpet Power
  • Cable Management Solutions



Electrical refurbishment in a commercial facility is far more complicated than electrical works at a residential property. With multifaceted systems for communication, networking and security at a business premise, set up for earthing, switchboards, fuses, circuit breakers and surge protection devices calls for intricate meticulous plans and schematic configuration. Patch ups and repairs of any old or damaged wiring and switchgear must receive adequate attention. However, an electrical refurbishment is not plainly about the replacing of existing systems with new and/or more advanced models. The site may need additional safety devices and peripheral or supplementary electrical equipment. At the same time the business owners need to ensure that all works are in compliance with regulations and standards for electrical systems in a commercial facility.


Testing is another critical part of electrical refurbishment. This must be done by licensed and certified electricians – they need to perform all tests to ensure that the system is truly fool proof and performs efficiently for years to come.


Proper instructions and a comprehensive plan for all requirements must be given to the electrical contractors before the commencement of electrical refurbishment at a premise. If lighting or telecommunication systems need any major changes, these must be stated explicitly in the plan. The outdoor areas deserve no less attention. Lighting and security devices in the parking area and lawns can also be revamped during electrical refurbishment.


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