CCTV Security Camera Systems Installation in Melbourne

Quality CCTV Security Camera Installation, Upgrades and Repairs

At Computer Cabling Services, we can help you to gain control over the security of your home or business. We offer customised CCTV camera installation in Melbourne, with state of the art devices. Our services can be perfectly tailored to both residential and commercial premises. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, reliable CCTV security solutions.

Our solutions can help you monitor your premises for timely detection of hazards. When the alarm system is triggered, the CCTV system can assess the situation, and decipher whether there is an issue that calls for an immediate action. The footage is also recorded for post event playbacks.

We install PC based Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and standalone DVR systems. These devices can trace events from up to 16 security cameras at a time. With these systems, you can choose to have either scheduled or motion activated recordings, while accessing the recorded events and camera output remotely via the Internet or Intranet.

Some of the features our set-ups include are:

  • Integrated components, specifically devised to meet your budget and security requirements.
  • IP video surveillance.
  • Low light or no light CCTV systems for night surveillance.
  • Access to full monitoring services.
  • IP enabled security and access control panels.


Save on Energy and Costs, with our Green Solutions

The green solutions we have will help you to save power with the best security camera installation in Melbourne while protecting the environment. With our green CCTV installations, we will provide you with the following options:

– Advanced security systems. This decreases power consumption when the premise is vacant and the alarm is armed.
– CCTV systems with presence sensors. They will turn off lighting, heating and cooling when no one is in the area.

CCTV Repairs in Melbourne

If you are happy with your current security systems but repairs are necessary, our team can get it working again in no time. We provide fast and professional repairs for CCTV security camera installation. Whether it be a warehouse or a home, we have you covered. Our team will visit you at your premises to assess the problem and find an effective solution for it.

Why Choose Us?

  • The latest systems in Melbourne.
  • Professional CCTV installers.
  • Excellent after sales support.
  • On-site training for your security personnel to learn the devices.
  • Wide variety of systems to choose from.


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