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Domestic & Residential Computer Network Installer

Computers with Internet connectivity are commonly used in residential premises across Melbourne suburbs. Not all domestic users understand the complicated technologies behind the working of computers and the Internet – this is why it becomes really important for them to have the systems that work flawlessly for years to come. We provide computer network installation and configuration services to our esteemed residential customers across East, West, North and South Melbourne. The range of network installation solutions offered by Computer Cabling Services, Melbourne includes cable based, wireless an hybrid networks.


Our team:

  • Helps you select appropriate equipment and configuration option as per your specific requirements
  • Procures and delivers the routers and other equipment on your behalf
  • Does wiring for your computer network and associated telephone systems
  • Sets up your wired or wireless network and makes sure that it operates properly
  • Repairs and takes care of all data recovery works


If you have purchased a new PC, notebook or Macbook computer but do not have the time to install it the right way or are confused by the jargon in product manual, we will do the job for you. Computer Cabling Services, Melbourne takes complete care of the hardware and software installation while also configuring the Internet connectivity for your system. We install fully secure cabled and wireless networks and ensure that your network is actually safe against who try to access your data and use your Internet bandwidth.


Computer Cabling Services, Melbourne has cost-efficient solutions for network setup and configuration of inter connected multiple computers at home. The process entails:


  • Configuration of router settings including username and password for encryption of your network and its protection from intruders
  • Set up and configuration of printers and print servers
  • Configuration and installation of software for adequate protection against threats including viruses, malware and spyware
  • Testing of connections to make sure that the computers in network are able to share files and print documents wherever applicable
  • Demonstration of power cycling procedures
  • Explanation of OS file and print sharing information to you


Residential Cabling Melbourne

We also explain you the network limitations if any at your premises and offer you the next best solutions to overcome them.


With the wireless network set up by technicians from Computer Cabling Services, Melbourne, you will enjoy seamless Internet connectivity from any corner of your residential premises. If you use laptops and handheld devices, you will not be irked by slow Internet speed and can access your emails and online accounts conveniently from any point within range of the router. Further, with an encrypted, password protected and stable network, there will be no more worries about strangers enjoying your computer network benefits.


We also provide ethernet network cabling and computer network maintenance services at attractive rates for domestic installations in Melbourne suburbs. For any help on troubleshooting feel free to contact our professionals. Our engineers will also visit your premise for any further help. We clean up your old files and outdated software, update and run anti-virus software, spyware protection, and firewalls and back up your data while also setting up an automated backup system.


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