Ethernet Network Cabling

Ethernet Network Cabling Installations and Repairs in Melbourne


We offer a commercial service for Ethernet Network Cabling in Melbourne that is fast, reliable and hassle free. We know that the sooner we finish your new ethernet installations or upgrades, the quicker you can get your business up to full speed. With a fast service, we make sure to minimise any downtime that may occur while we are doing our work.


We will discuss all of your available options for you ethernet cabling, making sure that you get thecommercialnetworkingmelbournebest result, at the best price. Through years of experience working on many different projects, we always come up with the best solutions for our customers.


Cat5 5e Cat6 6a 10G Ethernet Network Cabling

We install a variety of Ethernet network cabling solutions including Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat7. We adapt our techniques to ensure that every network that we install provides businesses with the fastest, most reliable outcome.


Ethernet Cable Installation and Updates

If you are happy with your current ethernet network but need some extra speed or functionality, we can organise upgrades for your hardware and software. In this age of modern technology, where speed is crucial, it is important that your network is running optimally. Slow speeds on your networks can frustrate employees, and reduce the output of your business.


Unreliable ethernet networks can shut down or cause errors at the most inconvenient times. By choosing us to undertake a cable audit of your current network cabling system we can advise you and if required, upgrade to a more suitable platform for your business, you will be running at maximum efficiency in no time.


Ethernet Network Repairs


computernetworksetupmelbourneIf you find that your ethernet network has some come to a halt we also have an ethernet repairs service for both minor and major issues. We have provided many solutions for lots of situations including relocating communication cabinets to more suitable locations and upgrading server cabinets to suit new equipment requirements. We can and will provide you with a suitable option to suit your needs.
Our professional team will diagnose the problems, and get you back up and running in no time. We will also give you a detailed report of the issues so that you are aware of anything that can be preventable in the future.

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A strong ethernet network cabling is the backbone of a successful IT system. Give us a call in Melbourne  today on 03 9874 2166 to make sure that everything runs smoothly for your business in the future.


We’ll get you up to speed in no time!

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